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At Big Shell Bikes, you’ll receive a top-quality and unique rental experience.  No matter what you come to our shop for, one of our team members will be here to help and guide you.  With our great customer service and low prices, it’s no wonder we have become a top Bicycle Rental Shop in Port Aransas.  Read on to see what makes us so unique and successful.

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"My vehicle broke down on my way to Port A and had to get it fixed in Ingleside. That meant I was stuck without a vehicle for a few days. I called Big Shell and John gave me a great deal. Later went to the shop and JB got me the cutest pink beach cruiser with a big basket. Highly recommend these guys. So helpful and very friendly!" - Lindsay Spruill

"Amazing experience every time. We look forward to renting these fat tire bikes every summer! The owner is so friendly and really wants you to enjoy yourself! We could spend all day riding around the beach on these because of the comfort!" - Renia Black

"Very friendly bike shop - The coolest cruisers and sand bikes on the coast - Great advice when it comes to sand biking" - Nicolas Keller 

"Great Service John worked with me to build this Custom Fat Sand Bike can't wait to start working on our next Custom Bike!!" - Michael Wyatt 

"Wonderful bikes rented to us for $20 a piece for the whole day or $15 for a half day! It was reasonably priced and the people were welcoming and very flexible. They told us we could return any time and gave us a bike lock and all information we needed to stay safe. The relaxed environment created a stress free atmosphere as we rode our bikes along the beach and everywhere we went. Great quality bikes, big or small tire, to rent or sell! Necessity of anyone visiting the island!" - Maddie F., Temple, TX

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Your local Port Aransas Bicycle & Water Sports Rental Shop Since 2010

Your local Port Aransas Bicycle & Water Sports Rental Shop Since 2010

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